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Everlance: Mileage Tracker

Everlance: Mileage Tracker

5.0.1 by Trip Log, Tax & Miles Tracking
(0 Reviews) April 20, 2024
Everlance: Mileage Tracker Everlance: Mileage Tracker Everlance: Mileage Tracker Everlance: Mileage Tracker Everlance: Mileage Tracker Everlance: Mileage Tracker

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April 20, 2024
Trip Log, Tax & Miles Tracking
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Welcome to Everlance, your trusted companion for effortless, automatic mileage tracking and expense logging. Join over 3 million drivers who have turned to Everlance to earn more money, save more time, and rest easier knowing their business miles are being recorded in IRS-compliant format. The average Everlance user saves $6,500 a year by maximizing mileage and business expense deductions.

Everlance simplifies your life by effortlessly tracking your journeys using the GPS features on your phone, operating seamlessly in the background so you can focus on your business, not your tracking. Everlance intelligently recognizes when a trip concludes based on your contextual location. With Everlance, the process is smooth and automatic, ensuring that every mile is accurately captured without hassle.

» Effortlessly Track Your Mileage
Say goodbye to paper mileage logs or complicated tracking systems. Everlance allows you to effortlessly track all your miles how you want. With options such as automatic mileage tracking, one-click tracking, and manual entry, it’s truly never been easier to log all of your business miles.

» Classify With A Simple Swipe
Classify your trips with a swipe for work or personal. Have multiple gigs? Set your purpose to see exactly how many miles you drove for each hat you wear.

» Maximize Your Tax Deductions
In 2024, every 1,000 miles you drive for work unlocks at least $670 in tax deductions. But Everlance isn’t just a mileage tracker.
Sync up a bank account or card and track all of your business-related expenses as well. Swipe to classify your business expenses, or let the Instant Deduction Finder take care of the details for you, making tax savings as easy as a click

» Export Customizable Reports At Your Convenience
Whether it's for taxes, reimbursement, or personal finance planning, Everlance allows you to generate detailed IRS-compliant reports effortlessly. Upload into your favorite tax software or send directly to your accountant, straight from the Everlance app. Drivers who use Everlance stay organized and in control.


»Where You Drive Is Your Business
Everlance is dedicated to securing your information, ensuring that it remains confidential. Your data is never shared or sold, and protected with 256 Bit Encryption and tokenization. Everlance advocates for the broader use of these protocols throughout the industry.

»Customer Support, Your Way
Everlance values your convenience, providing customer support in English, Spanish, and French. Whether you prefer reaching out via email, phone, or live chat, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you in the language of your choice. Your questions and concerns are important to us, and we're here to ensure you have the support you need on your terms.

»Designed for On-the-Go Pros
Everlance is designed for the needs of mobile professionals. It works quietly in the background because we understand that your business takes center stage. Whether you're a DoorDash Dasher, Uber or Lyft driver, Instacart shopper, Wag! caregiver, real estate agent, sales associate, consultant, home health care provider, photographer, medical professional, or anyone else who hits the road for work, Everlance is built to let you focus on your work, not your tracking.

Ready to stop leaving tax savings on the table? Download for free, and join over 3 million drivers who have ditched the paper mileage logs and shoe boxes for receipt storage, choosing Everlance to save them time, money, and effort.

If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions on our mileage tracker, please reach out to support@everlance.com

To learn more about our terms of service: https://everlance.com/terms-of-service
To learn more about our commitment to user privacy: https://everlance.com/privacy

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