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(0 Reviews) May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
Buy, Trade, & Earn Crypto
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More About Coinchangelication

Introducing Coinchange - an app and platform for automated and risk-managed wealth management through DeFi.
Getting started is easy! Simply transfer USD from your bank or receive crypto from a third-party wallet or exchange to start earning compounding returns in your Coinchange Earn Account. Don’t just HODL, earn crypto on your crypto!

Why choose Coinchange?

Lower Risk - Higher Earnings
Diversified portfolio reallocation for lower risk and higher earnings.

Easy Transfer
It's simple, it's easy! Transfer your crypto or cash into your Coinchange account to start earning.

Solid Blockchains & Protocols
Integrated with 5 blockchains and 14 protocols, such as Uniswap, Aave and Compound.

Risk-Managed Yield
We help our users to continually earn on cryptocurrency no matter the market, guaranteeing our customers always get a return.

Extensive DeFi Research
Our yield growth stems from the meticulously vetted and researched 14 protocols we use which are tied with stablecoins and pegged to USD.

No Minimums, No Lockups
Withdraw from your Earn Account anytime, directly to USD or crypto.

Security Checks All The Way
The Protocols we chose are put through numerous cycles of security checks in order to ensure that we offer only the best protocols for better yield.

Best-in-class Customer Support
Contact us anytime by email, phone, or live chat.

About Coinchange

Coinchange is a consumer Fintech company that generates yield for customers through blockchain-based financial instruments.

Our mission is to make financial freedom truly possible by connecting people to curated DeFi earning opportunities.

We provide unprecedented access to risk-adjusted yield in a new financial market through data insights, complex modelling and smart execution. As an early mover in the space, we spent two years developing, designing and solving difficult problems before bringing our proprietary asset management platform to market.

We are believers in DeFi and advocate for the possibility of bringing Wall St. to Main St. by providing earning opportunities with no minimums, no lockups and no private access.

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